*Repeat The Remarkable

As a program director with IBM Leadership Development, Perry Holley has traveled the globe to improve personal and team performance in his company. He has seen first-handhow IBM has managed to stay on top during good times and bad throughout its century-long history. It all comes down to leadership that never accepts average, views challengesas opportunities, and always strives to make a difference.

Repeat the Remarkable is Holley's toolbox for organizational leadership that drives remarkable performance--and keeps it running full throttle. The ability to repeat top-notch performance is precisely the difference between good companies and great companies.

In this groundbreaking book, Holley reveals the same method he teaches IBM's leaders. He conveniently organizes his proven "Model for Remarkable" into three easy-to-understand sections:

FOUNDATION: The two main building blocks of remarkable performance--clear definitions of goals and the purposes behind the goalsFRAMEWORK: The four critical elements fordelivering remarkable performance--exceptional behavior, preparation, discipline, and persistenceFUNCTIONALITY: The two components that ensure that remarkability is the defining trait of your company or department--a mindset of excellence and high character

The lessons in Repeat the Remarkable can be applied to any organization, whether it's a large corporation, a small business--or simply your own family unit. They are universal--and they work.

In today's hypercompetitive business landscape, where markets are completely unpredictable, being good doesn't cut it. Neither does delivering occasional remarkableperformance. If you want to seize the competitive edge--and hold it--you have to deliver world-class performance on a consistent basis.

With Repeat the Remarkable, you have everything you need to infuse the right attitudes and behaviors in your people--and make sure they stick.

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