Reset YOUR Barcode: Five Steps to a Financial Reset

By Marvin Reynolds

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We all know that money isn't everything, but I challenge you to identify three aspects of your life that are not affected by it. Why is it that the desire and pursuit of money demands so much of our personal and national time and attention? How is it that money mastery has come to mean money is the master? "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" is a pretty good line, if it isn't broke. But what if it is? Our current system continues to produce one financial crisis after another. It's almost as if it is not an accident. If the nation continues to overspend, eventually every citizen will lose their economic freedom. When that is gone, all the other freedoms will fall like dominos. When it comes to money, no one is truly free until everyone is free. What can be done to reverse this devastating trend? Remember, you cannot fix Wall Street until you fix Main Street. The same is true of the White House. First, you must fix your own house. It all begins with you! Reset Your Barcode reveals hidden treasures of knowledge that expose the corrupted values that are causing the current decline in personal and national wealth. You will discover specific principles, practices, and tools that will begin your personal journey of changing values and develop virtues that will propel you toward real wealth and economic freedom. Once you've done it you can help others do the same. Together we can fix this! Join the reset movement and find out what it's like to be financially free!
Book Title Reset YOUR Barcode: Five Steps to a Financial Reset
ISBN 9781614487784
By Author(s) Marvin Reynolds
Publisher Morgan James Publishing llc
Pages 172
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14cm x 1cm x 21.5cm
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