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Augie Hobble lives in a fairy tale or at least Fairy Tale Place, the down-on-its-luck amusement park managed by his father. Yet his life is turning into a nightmare: he's failed creative arts and has to take summer school, the girl he has a crush on won't acknowledge him, and Hogg Wills and the school bullies won't leave him alone. Worse, a succession of mysterious, possibly paranormal, events have him convinced that he's turning into a werewolf. At least Augie has his notebook and his best friend Britt to confide in until the unthinkable happens and Augie's life is turned upside down, and those mysterious, possibly paranormal, events take on a different meaning. * This book may have reminder mark*

Product Overview
ISBN 9781626720541
Categories BX, Children's Books, Highlight, Reading Books, Whateversary
Author(s) Lane Smith
Publisher Roaring Brook
Pages 283
Format Hardback
Dimensions 15.7cm x 2.5cm x 20.3cm
Weight 0.49 kg
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