*Rise Of The Ragged Clover (The Luck Uglies, Bk. 3)

Against all odds, Rye has managed to rescue her father, Harmless, from the forest Beyond the Shale. But when she travels back home to help him with his plan to defeat the Luck Uglies' bitter rivals, she finds Village Drowning in shambles. The monstrous Bog Noblins now roam the streets at night. And people are afraid to leave their houses because no one is left to protect them. When Rye realizes she can't wait for the adults to sort everything out, she enlists her friends to come up with a plan. One that could change everything for the village . . . because the only way to save their home may be to destroy it.

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ISBN 9780062271570
Categories BX, Fiction, New Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Durham, Paul
Publisher HarperCollins Publisher
Pages 383
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.80cm x 2.30cm x 19.40cm
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