Room Outside

These days the garden isn't just for tending your flowers and mowing the lawn -it offers a whole new living space that can vastly increase your enjoyment of your home. In The Room Outside David Stevens shows how you can optimise your outdoor area, freeing up space inside your home and enhancing your lifestyle at the same time, by allowing you to spend more time and enjoy more activities outdoors. We are used to the idea of lighting up the barbeque, but why not build a dedicated outdoor kitchen? Working from home? Think how pleasant it would be to be able to look up from your computer and enjoy the vista of your garden from an outdoor office. Need an area for the children to let off steam while you relax on the deck? Play areas can be incorporated into a design, allowing the whole family to occupy their own individual spaces. In The Room Outside, David Stevens shows in imaginative ways, and with sound advice and innovative ideas, the successful execution of a number of creative projects. Using pagodas, raised decks and gazebos, David demonstrates there is no limit to the opportunities afforded by these versatile, yet commonly available materials; much of it you can achieve simply and safely yourself. Presenting his numerous design projects in a step-by-step fashion, from the most humble of built-in barbecues to more elaborate visions of floral arbours leading to a summerhouse, The Room Outside offers a unique portfolio of truly creative solutions.

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