Assassin's Code

Former assassin David Slaton discovers a cryptic message: on a memory stick, a photograph of the man who will soon assume command of DGSI, France's elite counter terrorism force. With that country reeling under a wave of ISIS attacks, Zavier Baland will be trusted to make the Republic safe again. The problem - Slaton has seen Baland's face before. He is Ali Samir, a terrorist Slaton is certain he killed fifteen years earlier. Unable to reconcile this frightening disconnect, he attempts to raise the alarm.

Thousands of miles away, the chief information officer of ISIS tries to keep networks running amid crumbling infrastructure. With the caliphate's very survival at stake, the leadership commits to a last-ditch gambit: France must be attacked on a massive scale.

Slaton keeps a breakneck pace, traveling to Tel Aviv, Paris, and the deserts of Syria. In the end he uncovers a labyrinthine plot - and one that only he can stop.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780765385819
Categories BX, Crime, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller, New Arrivals
Author(s) Ward Larsen
Publisher St Martin'S Press
Pages 480
Format Paperback
Dimensions 10.4cm x 2.9cm x 19.0cm
Weight 0.318 kg