Dracula: Writer's Digest Annotated Classics.

"Enter freely and of your own will. I am Dracula, and I bid you welcome..."

Dracula. Never has another name had such a profound and far-reaching impact on an entire genre. Bram Stoker's vampiric creature of the night has spawned countless versions in fiction, film, television, comics, and more...and it all started with Stoker's classic 1897 text.

As part of the Writer's Digest Annotated Classics series, this edition of Dracula features hundreds of insightful annotations from Bram Stoker Award winner Mort Castle. Explore the craft and technique of Dracula through the lens of a writer, and learn why and how Stoker made the choices he did while writing one of the most iconic horror novels of all time. The techniques revealed in the annotations and accompanying study guide will aid in the crafting of your own chilling works of fiction.

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