Savour Chinatown

Savour Chinatown pays tribute to a local enclave in Singapore featuring the many stories behind the history of the food served there and how it has developed over the years. Singapore is famous for its many streets that house food stalls and restaurants that have served many generations of devoted foodies. These great culinary neighborhoods are renowned for the way they have shaped Singapore's food scene at the most basic level, providing quality fare, consistently and sometimes for generations. Yet as the years pass and neighborhoods change, that knowledge is slowly being lost and Singapore's food heritage is in danger of forgetting its past and losing its sense of place. Savour Chinatown collects and gathers these stories so they're not lost to future generations of Singaporeans; the volume also celebrates the diversity of hawker stalls, shops and businesses that have existed over the past 100 years.

Product Overview
ISBN 9789810870935
Categories BX, Cookbooks, Food and Drinks, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Annette Tan
Publisher Gatehouse Publishing
Pages 276
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 18.5cm x 3.6cm x 25.4cm
Weight 1.08 kg