Simply Color Green : A Crayon Box For Quilters

Open up a crayon box of color inspiration with this simply irresistible collection of sweet books. Each book in the series is an exploration of an individual color. Simply COLOR: GREEN, Simply COLOR: BLUE, and Simply COLOR: PURPLE are exceptional pattern and color inspiration books for the confident beginner to intermediate sewist. You will love the books' interplay of colorful fabrics and blending colors. Following a pattern is only a small piece of what goes into creating these 6 gorgeous patchwork projects in each book. Once you understand the fundamentals of color theory and successful color combinations, you will confidently piece together green's fresh hues, blue's cool tints, and purple's royal tones. With the entire collection you can simply reach for the book highlighting the color inspiration of your day and put your sewing pedal to the metal.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781940655116
Categories BX, Crafts and Hobbies, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Vanessa Christenson
Publisher Lucky Spool Media, LLC
Pages 104
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 20.7cm x 1.5cm x 21.1cm
Weight 0.635 kg