Slim Calm Sexy Yoga

Most people think of yoga as just a bunch of breathing and stretches. But a surprising amount of research links it to healthier eating habits, reduced stress, and better sex, plus other benefits like lower blood pressure, stronger immunity, and improved cardiovascular function. Women's Health has teamed up with Tara Stiles, popular yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, to show readers exactly how to achieve these benefits. Using a series of 15-minute yoga solutions, Stiles leads women through a daily step-by-step yoga practice that targets the health or lifestyle issues that keep them from feeling good and looking their best. With real-life 'Yoga Interventions' and 'Take It from Tara' insider tips throughout, Stiles shares the must-do poses, breathing techniques, and meditations to help women slim down, stay calm, and look- and feel-sexier than they ever have before.

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