Smart Discipline

Would you like your kids to follow the rules the first time you ask, without backtalk, bickering, or screaming matches? Now, the creator of the most popular parenting seminar in the United States explains his amazingly simple, stunningly effective system of discipline that enables parents to help children ages 3 to 16 become self-motivated to follow the rules at home and at school. Parents can set up the five-step Smart Discipline system within an hour or two. It can be used by any caregiver and is easily tailored to differences in age, temperament, and the needs of children with ADD/ADHD. The book shows parents how to use this system to quickly solve common problems such as: messy rooms, disrespectful language, chores, fighting and bickering, lying, whining, and homework problems. It also empowers parents to get their children self-motivated to behave properly at school. Most parents will see results within several days of starting the system and they can continue to use it effectively for years to come. Once Smart Discipline is part of the home, parents can stop the nagging and criticism that destroy children's desire to achieve. Dr. Larry J. offers powerful self-esteem builders for children, including showing parents how to identify children's unique talents, encourage them to develop their abilities, and celebrate their successes.With this book in hand, you can implement the system that more than a hundred trained mental health professionals teach in more than three thousand schools, churches, hospitals, and civic organizations nationwide. Practical, straightforward, and effective, Smart Discipline is the wise choice for all parents who want a family life that sets the stage for their children's success. *This book may have remainder mark*

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ISBN 9780060936662
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Author(s) Larry J. Koenig
Publisher William Morrow
Pages 197
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