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Star Wars: Shadow Games

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Dimensions: L: 11cm x W: 2.4cm x H: 17.8cm

Product Code: 9780099542834

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Stranded on Tatooine with a broken-down hyperdrive, Dash Rendar and crew - his Nautolan copilot, Eaden Vrill, and a droid named Leebo - have to find a way to raise credits. It comes in the lovely form of Javul Charn, a multi-talented human holostar being stalked by an over-zealous fan. She needs bodyguards to protect her during her tour along the Corellian Run; Dash needs credits. It's a perfect match...until things begin to go wrong - seriously and dangerously wrong. By the time Dash realizes that the threat to Javul is not what it seems, he's in up to his neck in a conspiracy that goes much deeper than anything he would have signed up for. Even with the help of his hated rival - Han Solo - will Dash be able to protect this spoiled entertainer, all the while being reminded that he couldn't protect his own family?

Book Title Star Wars: Shadow Games
ISBN 9780099542834
By Author(s) Michael Reaves
Publisher Arrow Books
Pages 368
Format Paperback
Dimensions 11cm x 2.4cm x 17.8cm
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