Martina Rivera has a remarkable imagination. But with two extroverted brothers at home, she's always struggled to make a big impression on those around her. Life soon takes an exciting turn when Martina discovers the secret power of her sticker collection: They come to life! Among her magical sticker friends are Craig, a rambunctious talking cupcake; Nora, a karaoke-singing ladybug; and Lucinda, a very sleepy fairy. Will her new sticker friends help her overcome her shyness? Or will they get Martina in lots of trouble? Or both?! It's time to meet Sticker Girl! Bonus feature: sticker sheet featuring all the magic stickers from Book 1 packaged with the book!

Product Overview
ISBN 9781627793353
Categories BX, Children's Books, New Arrivals, Reading Books
Author(s) Janet Tashijian
Publisher Henry Holt & Company Inc
Pages 176
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.4cm x 1.6cm x 21cm
Weight 0.34 kg


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