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C. A. Higgins's acclaimed novel Lightless fused suspenseful storytelling, high-caliber scientific speculation, and richly developed characters into a stunning science fiction epic. Now the dazzling Supernova heightens the thrills and deepens the haunting exploration of technology and humanity--and the consequences that await when the two intersect. Once Ananke was an experimental military spacecraft. But a rogue computer virus transformed it--her--into something much more: a fully sentient artificial intelligence, with all the power of a god--and all the unstable emotions of a teenager. Althea, the ship's engineer and the last living human aboard, nearly gave her life to save Ananke from dangerous saboteurs, forging a bond as powerful as that between mother and daughter. Now she devotes herself completely to Ananke's care. But teaching a thinking, feeling machine--perhaps the most dangerous force in the galaxy--to be human proves a monumental challenge. When Ananke decides to seek out Matthew Gale, the terrorist she regards as her father, Althea learns that some bonds are stronger than mortal minds can understand--or control. Drawn back toward Earth by the quest, Althea and Ananke will find themselves in the thick of a violent revolution led by Matthew's sister, the charismatic leader Constance, who will stop at nothing to bring down a tyrannical surveillance state. As the currents of past decisions and present desires come into stark collision, a new and fiery future is about to be born. Praise for Supernova "An enjoyable, hard science fiction adventure."--Cinelinx "Higgins succeeds in expanding her universe and leaving the reader hungry to learn how her debut trilogy will end."--New York Daily News "Riveting and thought-provoking."--Publishers Weekly Praise for C. A. Higgins's Lightless "Gripping . . . sci-fi with a hint of thriller."--New York Daily News "[A] measured, lovely science-fiction debut [that is] more psychological thriller . . . contained, disciplined, tense . . . The plot is compulsive. . . . Lightless is the first of a planned series, and you can't help looking forward to learning what's next."--The New York Times "The stakes in this story are high--life and death, rebellion and betrayal. . . . Higgins continually ratchets up the tension. . . . This is a debut not to be missed."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review) "A taut, suspenseful read."--Tech Times "Absolutely brilliant . . . science fiction as it is meant to be done."--New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire *This book may have remainder mark*

Book Title Supernova
ISBN 9780553394474
By Author(s) C.A. Higgins
Publisher Del Rey
Pages 304
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.4cm x 1.9cm x 20.8cm
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