*Talent Equation

IS YOUR HR DEPARTMENT PREPARED TO FLIP THE BIG DATA SWITCH?At every stage of the employee life cycle, a data-drivenapproach to HR can help companies make smarter decisions about their most important asset: their people. In the wake of the greatest shock to the labor market since theGreat Depression, companies are faced with looming skill shortages, retention concerns, and questions regarding the most effective composition of their workforce.

The Talent Equation shows you how to navigate today's hiring climate and drive your business forward.

Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, offers hiring professionals and business leaders a roadmap to attract and retain top talent. Ferguson and coauthors Lorin Hitt (Wharton School) and Prasanna Tambe (NYU's Stern School) commissioned a landmark big data study of more than 2,700 employers and 33 million resumes to find the relationship between market performance, education attainment, and employee tenure. The findings are enlightening--and quite surprising.

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