Talk About Tribal Art

Talk About Tribal Art presents the broad range of art from diverse cultures around the world via illustrations and concise texts.

Berenice Schneiter takes us through the history, geography, and techniques of tribal art, from prehistoric cave paintings to aboriginal body art via the Klein-blue-before-Klein statues of the Solomon Islands and the abstract feather art-work of pre-Colombian pre-abstract communities.

What is tribal art, what does it look like, when did it start? The author refutes common preconceptions and outdated myths, demonstrating that tribal art comprises far more than masks, erotic figures, and sacred totems. The text is richly illustrated, providing a deeper understanding of art forms such as animal art, portraits, design, and graphics. Moving beyond the purely historical, the book also demonstrates the innovation, lasting impact, and current trends of this art form in a section devoted to artists and artistic movements that have been inspired by tribal art.

A chapter of key dates allows the reader to situate the historic moments that have contributed to our understanding of tribal art: from travel writing to great expeditions via ethnological quests and important exhibitions. One chapter is devoted to the artists, writers, poets, dealers, and collectors who informed our modern perception of tribal art. A glossary of terms clarifies the jargon that charts the evolution in the discovery of these artifacts, as well as changes in styles and tastes.

The volume is completed by a list of the thirty most important works of tribal art from around the world and a directory of international addresses where tribal art can be viewed.

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