Tangled Lives

From the bestselling author of "Thursdays in the Park "comes a tense, emotional drama about what happens to a family when a secret is kept hidden, and a stranger is suddenly introduced into the dynamic. Annie Delancey is happily married, in her early 50s, with three grown children. But Annie guards a secret. At age nineteen she had a baby boy and gave him up for adoption. She still thinks of him every day. One day she receives a letter from Kent Social Services; her son Daniel wants to make contact. A part of her is overjoyed--she longs to meet him. But another part fears what this revelation will do to her family, none of whom know about her past.When Daniel is introduced to Annie's family, a few small tears in the family fabric suddenly gape wide, and the impact of is greater than she could have ever imagined.

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ISBN 9781623658212
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Author(s) Boyd, Hilary
Publisher Quercus NA
Pages 324
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