An essential resource for the next generation of travel: a liberating, responsible, and inspirational guide to resorts, hotels, cruises, and adventure.
Travel habits today are changing: airlines are investing in greener fuels, carbon offset programs are gaining in popularity, and people increasingly are looking for alternative travel means and destinations.
So far, books on green travel have been mere destination guides, with little space given to the broader issues in eco-travel. Written by the author of the internationally established book on green design, "The Eco-Travel Guide" considers every aspect of travel, from daily commuting to global vacation:
- The Why and What of eco-travel
- The Idea of Travel: how to minimize our daily impact as commuters and on long-haul trips
- Destinations: 200 vacations around the world, arranged by type: Urban, Nature, Leisure, Culture, and Adventure
- Products: from hybrid vehicles to green travel clothing and gear
- Resources: destination details and prices, tour operators, and national tourist offices
- 450 color illustrations

Product Overview
ISBN 9780500287668
Categories New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Travel
Author(s) Alastair Fuad-Luke
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Pages 352
Format Paperback
Dimensions 16.8cm x 2.9cm x 21.1cm
Weight 0.75 kg


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