The Library Of Unrequited Love

The librarian, a single, middle-aged woman, a sharply opinionated and thoughtful bookworm, whose ex-boyfriend left her for another woman, discovers one morning a patron who has been locked in over night.Against her quiet nature, she starts to talk to him, what results is a soliloquy of frustrations, observations, and anguish, covering - with wit, pathos, and passion - history, literature, the Dewey Decimal System, love, and loneliness, as well as revealing her unrequited passion for a quiet student-researcher named Martin, whose studiousness, grace, and "beautiful neck" strikes her.Divry's prose is seamless - never laborious - both funny and poignant. The book's compactness offers an immersive reading experience that touches universal emotional experiences from the perspective of a bookworm.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781623654030
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Highlight, Romance
Author(s) Divry, Sophie
Publisher Quercus
Pages 93
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 13.3cm x 1.5cm x 18.7cm
Weight 0.18 kg
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