The Lost Notebook

Discover the secrets behind the creation of your favorite Disney classics-all through the lens of one of early animation's most enigmatic and fascinating characters.Here, for the first time, readers can immerse themselves in Herman Schultheis's prized, never-before-published scrapbook of photographs-and experience what it was like to be on set during the making of beloved Disney films, such as Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Bambi. From the fascinating technique used to film Fantasia's infamous volcano scene (the lava was actually oatmeal dyed red!) to the painstaking detail involved in creating the film's lovely snowflake dancers (hint: it involves mounting paper snowflakes to gears), the information collected here is a goldmine for Disney and animation enthusiasts-and for readers who just love a good story. But there's another story here, too. It's the tale of Herman Schultheis himself, the intriguing German immigrant who worked briefly in Disney's special effects department, only to disappear a few years later in a Central American jungle, never to be seen again. It's a riveting, multifaceted account of what it was like to "make it big" in 1930s Hollywood, and it is bound to captivate readers as much as the stories of the films themselves. The notebooks include detailed sections on the following famous films and Disney studio departments: 1. Toccata & Fugue: Fantasia 2. "Rite of Spring": Fantasia 3. "Night on Bald Mountain": Fantasia 4. "Nutcracker Suite" and "Ave Maria": Fantasia 5. Multiple-Level Pan Motion and Pastel Effect Process: "Nutcracker" 6. "Clair de Lune": Fantasia 7. Pinocchio 8. Chicago Field Trip: "Rite of Spring," Fantasia 9. Pinocchio Publicity Photos 10. Process Lab and Microfilming 11. Photo Research: Pinocchio and Fantasia 12. Dinosaur Research: "Rite of Spring," Fantasia 13. Bambi Research 14. Pinocchio Underwater, Fantasia Centaurettes, and Dumbo Research 15. The Reluctant Dragon and the New Disney Burbank Studio

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