The Memory Box

A remarkable dress An extraordinary friendship This is the second book in the wonderful Shoestring series Meltdowns are a funny old thing You can.. be as together as you like. and then one day - BOOM - something throws you into a messy tailspin and you freefall into full panic mode For some people it can be triggered by something as simple as turning thirty For others -.. me for example - a meltdown is a little more complicated And the trigger is something rather more serious than a birthday Pandora Schuster is about to turn thirty but thats the least of her worries Shes just been tested for a hereditary family illness and. expecting the worst... .. shes desperate for her ex-boyfriend and father of nine-year-old Iris to be a part of her daughters life But there are two major problems

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ISBN 9780330519458
Categories BX, Fiction, Romance, WBD
Author(s) Sarah Webb
Publisher Pan
Pages 308
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13cm x 1.9cm x 19.7cm
Weight 0.28 kg
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