The Mindfulness Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are the new therapy. Coloring works as a relaxation technique, calming the mind and occupying the hands, and helps you enter a freer state of being. It also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills and creativity. The Mindfulness Coloring Book contains images from the natural world, plus a mass of mandalas and other abstract patterns to help de-stress your mind and body. The handy jotter size means you can carry this book with you-so time spent on long train journeys and waiting for meetings will never be wasted again! All you need to get started is a set of colored pencils.1. Handy portable size for coloring on the move. 2. Taps into the growing market for coloring books as therapy for adults.
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ISBN 9781785990809
Categories BX, Health and Wellness, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Arcturus
Publisher Arcturus
Pages 256
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.21cm x 2.03cm x 19.05cm
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