The Necklace

Two generations of Quincy women - a bewitching Jazz Age beauty and a young lawyer - bound by a spectacular and mysterious Indian necklace.Always the black sheep of the tight-knit Quincy clan, Nell is cautious when she’s summoned to the elegantly shabby family manor after her great-aunt Loulou’s death. A cold reception from the family grows chillier when they learn Loulou has left Nell a fantastically valuable heirloom: a stunningly ornate necklace from India that Nell finds stashed in the back of a dresser in a Crown Royal whiskey bag. As predatory relatives begin circling and art experts begin questioning the necklace’s provenance, Nell turns to the only person she thinks she can trust - the attractive and ambitious estate lawyer who definitely is not part of the old-money crowd.More than just a piece of jewelry, the necklace links Nell to a long-buried family secret. It began when Ambrose Quincy brought the necklace home from India in the 1920s as a dramatic gift for May, the woman he intended to marry. Upon his return, he discovered the May had married his brother Ethan, the "good" Quincy, devoted to their father. As a gesture of friendship, Ambrose gave May the necklace anyway - reigniting their passion and beginning a tense love triangle.Crisp as a gin martini, fresh as a twist of lime, The Necklace is the intelligent, intoxicating story of long-simmering family resentments and a young woman who inherits a secret much more valuable than a legendary necklace.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781501165047
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Highlight, New Arrivals
Author(s) Claire McMillan
Publisher Touchstone Books
Pages 302
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.9cm x 2.8cm x 22.3cm
Weight 0.363 kg