The Perfection Point

By John Brenkus

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The Perfection Point is a pacy and fascinating look at the science behind the extremes of human performance, which identifies the absolute limits the human body can go to, whether it is running, lifting, throwing or even holding one's breath. It is incredible to think that it is only forty years since Jim Hines ran the 100 metres in under ten seconds, and now Usain Bolt is inching closer to the 9.50 second mark. But how far can humans actually go? Is it possible that one day the 100 metres will be run in less than 9 seconds? When will this happen? And what biological, physical and environmental conditions are necessary to reach the 'perfection point' - a speed, a height, a distance that humans can get closer to but never exceed? And what are the 'perfection points' for other human activities? Combining sold scientific research with engrossing counter-narrative sections, The Perfection Point is chock full of cool facts and 'what ifs' that will spark the imagination. For years scientists, athletes, pundits and fans have speculated about the extremes of human performance. The Perfection Point finally provides the answers.

Book Title The Perfection Point
ISBN 9780230752955
By Author(s) John Brenkus
Publisher Macmillan
Pages 260
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.5cm x 2.1cm x 21.5cm
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