The Responsive Leader : How To Be A Fantastic Leader In A Constantly Changing World

The world is changing. The world has changed already. But have you changed with it? The change in technology in the last century has driven a massive development in organizations and in society. The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution demands new approaches to leaders and to leadership. A paradigm shift is emerging, putting engagement, relations, inclusion, freedom, and engagement in the centre; both towards employees and customers. We need to be responsive in order to be relevant to employees and to customers, and in order to adapt to a changing world. We need to be The Responsive Leader. Erik Ostergaard introduces a proven model (called PICO leadership) for engaging in the transformation, covering: purpose and direction, innovation, culture, organizing, and leadership.

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ISBN 9781911498537
Categories Business and Economics, BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Erik Korsvik Ostergaard
Publisher Lid Publishing
Pages 210
Format Paperback
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