The Tartar Steppe

'Undoubtedly a masterpiece, a sublime book' Sunday Times
A dark and beautiful tale full of pain and longing, introduced by Tim Parks

Idealistic young officer Giovanni Drogo is full of determination to serve his country well. But when he arrives at a bleak border station in the Tartar desert, where he is to take a short assignment at Fort Bastiani, he finds the castle manned by veteran soldiers who have grown old without seeing a trace of the enemy. As his length of service stretches from months into years, he continues to wait patiently for the enemy to advance across the desert, for one great and glorious battle . . .

Written in 1938 as the world waited for war, and internationally acclaimed since its publication, The Tartar Steppe is a provocative and frightening tale of hope, longing and the terrible sorcery of dreams and desires.

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ISBN 9781786891648
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s) Dino Buzzati
Publisher Canongate Books Ltd
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