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Thrive (HB)

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This is a ground-breaking argument for better treatment of mental health from Richard Layard (author of Happiness) and David M. Clark. Britain has become a world leader in providing psychological therapies thanks to the work of Richard Layard and David Clark. But, even so, in Britain and world-wide the majority of people who need help still don't get treatment. This is both unjust and a false economy. This book argues for change. It shows that mental ill-health causes more of the suffering in our society than physical illness, poverty or unemployment. The authors argue that spending more on helping people to recover from mental health problems - and stay well - would generate massive savings to national economies, as those who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders account for nearly a half of all disability and are predominantly of working age. Modern talking therapies, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), are highly effective and people generally prefer them to medication. So, if more sufferers got these treatments, lives would be turned around and the cost would be fully covered by the huge savings. Thrive explores the new effective solutions to the misery and injustice caused by mental illness. It describes how successful psychological treatments have been developed and explains what works best for whom. It also urges us to do all we can to prevent these problems in the first place through better schools and a better society. And, most importantly, it offers real hope. "Extremely easy and pleasurable to read. It's the most comprehensive, humane and generous study of mental illness that I've come across". (Melvyn Bragg). "Professors Layard and Clark (the Dream Team of British Social Science) make a compelling case for a massive injection of resources into the treatment and prevention of mental illness. This is simply the best book on public policy and mental health ever written". (Martin Seligman). Richard Layard is one of the world's leading labour economists, and in 2008 received the international Prize for Labour Economics. A member of the House of Lords, he has done much to raise the public profile of mental health. His 2005 book Happiness has been translated into 20 languages. David Clark, Professor of Psychology at Oxford, is Europe's leading expert on CBT, responsible for much of the world-wide progress in treatment methods. With Layard, he was the main driver behind the UK's Improved Access to Psychological Therapy programme.

Book Title Thrive (HB)
ISBN 9781846146053
By Author(s) Richard Layard
Publisher Allen Lane
Pages 384
Format Hardback
Dimensions 13.8cm x 3.8cm x 21.8cm
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