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Tibet in Exile (HB)

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Dimensions: L: 22.5cm x W: 2.1cm x H: 28.5cm

Product Code: 9789814217729

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Tibet has been a land shrouded in medievalism and mysticism for centuries, ruled from the fabled Potala Palace by the reincarnation of a god-king, the Dalai Lama. Incredible accounts from the earliest explorers recount tales of lamas levitating to change mind and matter, of yogi's meditating in mountain caves without sleep or sustenance for years, and of shamans blowing human thighbone horns to stop hail or bring rain have established Tibet in the curious eyes of the outside world as a fantastical Himalayan Shangri La. Whether myth or reality, this Tibet no longer exists. With the Chinese communist invasion of 1950 came the end of a unique and timeless culture and lifestyle. Within less than 30 years, the majority of the country's population had been forced from their homes. Dispersing across the world, especially into India, they carried with them the very culture and traditions that today are in danger of being obliterated by the ruling majority of China.

Book Title Tibet in Exile (HB)
ISBN 9789814217729
By Author(s) The Dalai Lama
Publisher Editions Didier Millet
Pages 152
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.5cm x 2.1cm x 28.5cm
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