Two Novellas - How Long Is Forever?

Realistic accounts of ordinary people's daily lives are characteristic of Tie Ning's novels, through which she brings to light her characters' inner worlds. Through her characters' spiritual insights she also conveys emotions which reflect today's society. With the burdens of status and money playing an increasingly important role in modern society, Tie Ning explores the deeper needs of human beings, appealing for mutual tolerance and understanding as well as honest spiritual communication, and begging for a return to warmer and kinder traditional values. Her novels are distinctive, direct, and full of melodic and poetic language, which all together have created a spiritual and romantic world. How Long Is Forever? She is an ordinary hutong girl who loves others as she loves herself. In her relationships with those around her, whether they are her family, friends, lovers or only nodding acquaintances, either through extreme kindness or blissful naivety, she is always the one who makes the compromise. Is there a limit to her tolerance? How long is she going to give in to others? As long as no is not a word in her dictionary, perhaps, the answer is forever ... The Woman Opposite Seeking to distance himself from the unwanted advances of a woman, a young man moves to a new city. There he isolates himself by moving into a lonely warehouse full of discarded furniture. It is here that he discovers a woman in an apartment opposite. Living her private life in full view of the young man, the woman is completely oblivious to his presence, while the young man has a growing obsession with her.

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ISBN 9781606521526
Categories Asian Literature, BX, Fiction, WBD
Author(s) Tie Ning
Publisher Reader Digest
Pages 156
Format Hardcover
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