Weather An Illustrated History: From Cloud Atlases To Climate Change (Sterling Illustrated Histories)

Colorful and captivating, Weather: An Illustrated History hopscotches through 100 meteorological milestones and insights, from prehistory to today’s headlines and tomorrow’s forecasts. Bite-sized narratives, accompanied by exciting illustrations, touch on such varied topics as Earth's first atmosphere, the physics of rainbows, the deadliest hailstorm, Groundhog Day, the invention of air conditioning, London’s Great Smog, the Year Without Summer, our increasingly strong hurricanes, and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Written by a prominent and award-winning environmental author and journalist, this is a groundbreaking illustrated book that traces the evolution of weather forecasting and climate science.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781454921400
Categories BX, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Science and Nature, WBD
Author(s) Sterling
Publisher Revkin, Andrew
Pages 212
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 17.7cm x 2.6cm x 22.8cm
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