Universe: Journey Into Deep Space

It is hard to conceptualize both the scale and the mind-boggling diversity of the Universe, but this book changes that. Come along on a vivid experiential journey to explore some of the Universe's most intriguing places, and along the way understand the amazing history of the Cosmos. A series of rich, full-bleed spreads give stunning snapshots of distant galactic locations as the reader journeys further and further from Earth--from red cold Mars (3 light minutes away) to a massive Supernova (10,000 light years away) and beyond. The eye-popping visuals take center stage here--the writing is concise and unobtrusive, allowing the reader a visceral sense of awe and wonder. A full reference section at the back of the book brings together the scientific information in a timeline for further exploration. This exciting new approach will capture the imagination of today's visual thinkers like never before.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780753468760
Categories BX, Children's Books, Children's Reference, Group 1
Author(s) Dr. Mike Goldsmith
Publisher Pan MacMillan
Pages 47
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 24.4cm x 1.3cm x 29.0cm
Weight 0.64 kg