From the bestselling author of the Pegasus books, Kate OHearn, comes an exciting new series that puts a fresh twist on Norse mythology. Valkyrie: Norse Goddess. Reaper of Souls. Defender of the Weak. Not someone you want to mess with… Freya is dreading her upcoming birthday when shell officially have to take up her duties as a Valkyrie. She doesnt want to follow in the footsteps of the legends before herlegends including her mother and sisters. And she certainly doesnt want anything to do with humans! Freya thinks humans are cruel, hate-filled creatures, but as she observes their world, she begins to wonder what it would be like to make friends with the girls or laugh with the boys she sees. And what would it be like to live without the fear that she could cause someones death with a single touch? Then when shes sent on her first mission, she reaps the soul of a fallen soldier with unfinished business…business that sends her on an epic quest to the mortal world. Will Freya find the true meaning of being a human, or will she finally accept the legend she is destined to become?
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ISBN 9781481447379
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, YL
Author(s) O'Hearn, Kate
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 352
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.7cm x 3.3cm x 21.7cm
Weight 0.72 kg
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