*Vanke Way: Lessons...Global Real Estate Giant

The leadership secrets of the man who built a real estate empire in early modern China "I believe that studying Vanke's ability to change is more important than studying the company's successes. Recognizing the company's confidence and belief in itself is more important than merely looking at its business devices." -Frank Ning, chairman of the Sinochem Group (from the Preface) The Vanke Way provides unparalleled insights into leading a company to success in the most challenging of situations. Wang Shi founded what would be become one of the most powerful real estate companies in the world-and he did it during the infancy of Chinese capitalism, a turbulent time by any standards. You'll get a detailed look at Wang's leadership values, including: * Play by the rules-don't be led astray by shady business practices * Don't shirk from change-embrace it and use it to your advantage * Focus on organizational health-not amassing personal wealth * Don't fear failure-it's always an opportunity to learn * Hire trustworthy people-and set the appropriate example with your staff and business partners Wang was able to establish a corporate foothold in the chaotic world of post-revolutionary China and grow his company without succumbing to the "anything goes" attitude that dominated business culture at the time. And these values are what steered him. This highly personal account of creating and developing a leading international real estate empire not only showcases the history of the company, but also the unique and powerful vision of the man who founded it.

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