Vespa: 70 Years

Updated edition of the book Vespa 70 Years: The complete history from 1946, published in 2011 to celebrate Vespa's 65th anniversary. April 1946 was the debut date of the revolutionary little two-wheel vehicle, which, as well as leaving an indelible mark on the history of transport, became a real cultural phenomenon to successive generations. Simple and elegant, practical and comfortable, these are some of the characteristics that have ensured the popular scooter an unrepeatable success, with 35,000 of them built in 1949 alone. Seventy years after its birth, the Vespa has affirmed itself throughout the world. This book covers the fascinating epic of the Vespa, from its debut to the present day, through hundreds of pictures and invaluable documents of its various epochs. The work includes a systematic cataloguing of all the models that have appeared in those 70 years, each one accompanied by a detailed technical specification.

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ISBN 9788879116398
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Author(s) Haynes, Max
Publisher Giorgio Nada Editore
Pages 476
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