Vespa: The History Of A Legend From Its Origins To The Present

When the Vespa debuted in 1946, it was received with an air of skepticism. It was not a motorcycle but rather a vehicle born from the union between a car and an airplane. But it soon became a success. It was the first two-wheeled version of the "compact" and responded perfectly to the post-war need for mobility. It has also become famous for its unique design that many have tried to imitate; it truly is an icon. The Vespa is not just any scooter, it is THE scooter, known and loved all over the world. It is a rare example of a motor vehicle that has survived trends and crises while at the same time staying faithful to its original concept; a concept based on a sheet metal body that still distinguishes it from other scooters whose bodies are made of plastic. It is so much more than a mode of transportation; it is a time machine that lets us re-live some of the world's most exclusive moments of the last 72 years. From history to sports and from cinema to travel, this book's anecdotes and images, some of which have never been published before, narrate the never-ending evolution of a piece of Italy that has conquered all five continents and sold over 18 million vehicles.

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