What is Numerology?

By Sonia Ducie

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The fascinating science, psychology and philosophy of numbers known as Numerology empowers us to observe, connect with and intuitively interpret the numbers 1 to 9 as they appear in all kinds of ways in our lives. Given that each of these numbers has its own set of associations that can influence us on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual - becoming more attuned to their energies can really help us make the most of life.In this engaging guide, Numerology expert Sonia Ducie answers the most frequently asked questions about the subject, including:# Where does Numerology come from and how does it work?# What are the benefits of applying Numerology in our lives?# Can Numerology give us insight into people's characters?# Can Numerology influence our aspirations in life?# Can Numerology help us make a wider contribution to society?The Q&A approach, coupled with practical guidance on how to work out the most significant numbers in your life and, crucially, how to interpret them, takes you on a real behind-the-scenes tour of the power of numbers and the capacity they have to enhance our lives in a wide range of incredible ways.
Book Title What is Numerology?
ISBN 9781780289380
By Author(s) Sonia Ducie
Publisher Watkins
Pages 144
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.10cm x 1.60cm x 16.90cm
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