Feather Tucker has two wishes:1)To get her mum healthy again2) To win the Junior UK swimming championshipsWhen Feather comes home on New Year?s Eve to find her mother ? one of Britain?s most obese women- in a diabetic coma, she realises something has to be done to save her mum?s life. But when her Mum refuses to co-operate Feather realises that the problems run deeper than just her mum?s unhealthy appetite.Over time, Feather?s mission to help her Mum becomes an investigation. With the help of friends old and new, and the hindrance of runaway pet goat Houdini, Feather?s starting to uncover when her mum?s life began to spiral out of control and why. But can Feather fix it in time for her mum to watch her swim to victory? And can she save her family for good?

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ISBN 9780008217297
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, YL
Author(s) Macgregor, Virginia
Publisher Harlequin
Pages 370
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.4cm x 2.3cm x 19.8cm
Weight 0.28 kg
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