Wolverine & The X-Men By Jason Aaron (Vol. 4)

AVX tie-in! As the Phoenix rises, Logan leads his own team of classic X-Men into battle and the Jean Grey School sees its first graduate! Then, how does an anti-mutant organization operate in a mutant-run world? The Hellfire Club will find out, as they go on the run from Cyclops and rest of the Phoenix Five! And as the world burns with the flames of the Phoenix, the Jean Grey School tries to continue on but one student ends up at the barrel of a gun. Plus: Kitty Pryde goes on a date - but with whom? And find out the real reason that Wolverine brought Doop to the school, in a star-studded extravaganza that will shock you to the core! * This book may have reminder mark*

Product Overview
ISBN 9780785165422
Categories BX, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics, WBD
Author(s) Jason Aaron
Publisher Marvel
Pages 128
Format Hardback
Dimensions 17.6cm x 1.4cm x 26.6cm
Weight 0.39 kg
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