X-Treme X-Men-Volume 1: Xavier Must Die!

Spinning out of the pages of Astonishing X-Men! Travel the multiverse with Dazzler, Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, and Emmeline Frost - lost between dimensions with no way home! Dazzler adjusts to dimension-hopping life as the ad hoc X-group targets...evil versions of Professor X? Howlett and Dazzler butt- heads over leadership of the team...but when a jump goes wrong, will the whole team make it to the next dimension? Then: the team find themselves in a frontier reality where outlaws rule! Howlett comes face to face with a younger version of himself - and when the Xavier Gang attacks, Dazzler faces Cyclops, the deadliest gunslinger in the West! Will the team be able to save this reality, or will they have to abandon it to save their own lives? COLLECTING: X-Treme X-Men (2012) 1-5

Product Overview
ISBN 9780785165644
Categories BX, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics, New Arrivals
Author(s) Greg Pak
Publisher Marvel Comics
Pages 112
Format Paperback
Dimensions 16.8cm x 0.0cm x 25.8cm
Weight 0.21 kg