Your Conscious Mind: Unravelling The Greatest Mystery Of The Human Brain

What is consciousness? Is it real or just an illusion? And how does it work? What is this strange mental world that seems so essential to being human? The conscious mind brings together sensations, perceptions, thoughts and memories to generate the seamless movie of a person's life. It makes us aware of the world around us and our own self. How all this emerges from a kilogram of brain cells is one of the greatest unanswered questions. In Your Conscious Mind leading brain scientists and New Scientist take you on a journey through the mind to discover what consciousness really is, and what we can learn when it goes awry. Find out if we will ever build conscious machines, what animal consciousness can tell us about being human and explore the enigma of free will.
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ISBN 9781473658608
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Author(s) New Scientist
Publisher Nicholas Brealey
Pages 220
Format Paperback
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