Adam Adlar wakes one morning - his scientist father has been missing for two weeks and Adam prepares himself to spend another day alone. But this will be the most terrifying day of Adam's life. Some strange men are snooping around and before he knows what's happening his flat is savagely attacked by an enormous monster. Adam knows he has to find his father ...Z Rex is a living, breathing, man-eating dinosaur who has been brought to life by Adam's dad. He can talk, think - and kill. And, he has no idea why he's here. Zed wants answers, and Adam's dad has them ...In an daring trip across the world, boy and dinosaur set out to find Mr Adlar. But there are people desperate to stop them and they seem to be going to extreme lengths to do so.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780385615747
Categories BX, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, WBD
Author(s) Steve Cole
Publisher DoubleDay Books
Pages 288
Format Hardback
Dimensions 14.2cm x 2.5cm x 22.2cm
Weight 0.62 kg
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